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Putting together a creative, visual children's sermon or lesson has never been easier. Blue Box Children's Sermons are downloadable resources comprised of a complete script, prop instructions, and lesson plan; most also include a small group activity. These lessons are designed to creatively engage children within the context of a worship service, but can be used anytime and anywhere — and adults love them, too! 

The original Blue Box children's sermons were developed by Jane Van Antwerp during her 25 years as a Children’s Ministries Pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Northern California, each featuring a prop or illustration pulled from a Blue Box. The popular Blue Box Board Books originated from these children's sermons. 

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Some of the most memorable sermons I’ve heard in my lifetime came out of the Blue Box. Joy, creativity, and humor combine to communicate the Good News — not just for kids, but for grown-ups, too. These timeless lessons are appropriate for camps, worship services, Sunday School classes, chapel programs, and anywhere kids gather to learn about God’s love for them. If you work with children in a ministry setting, you need the Blue Box!
— Jan Thomas | founder, performing arts ministry for kids


Living in Pup Tents

Thinking about death is sad, but not scary when we consider it from a Biblical and eternal perspective.

The 4 PDF pages include:

  • Summary  (Scripture and Family Conversation Starter)
  • Presentation Script
  • Prop Instructions
  • No Small Group Activity with this Children’s Sermon

We recommend The Jesus Comfort Quilt our grief coloring book as an additional resource.

This is one of our most asked for Children's Sermons since it is fitting for a memorial service where children will be present.  

Topics: Heaven, Death, Resurrection, Eternal Life, Second Coming, Memorial Service

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5, John 14

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What's in Your Bag?

In this message we hear stories of how God uses what we share to meet a very big need. There is no limit to what God can do with what we can give, big or small.  

19 downloadable PDF pages include: Summary/ Scripture and Family Conversation Starter; 2 Different Presentation Scripts; Prop/Illustration Prep; Small Group Leaders Guide; Small Group Activity Game; 11 full color illustrations for screens or printing

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Why? Because of Who!

Beyond the Blue recommends this Blue Box for Palm Sunday! This lesson focuses on why people reacted to Jesus the way that they did—because of who He is. The presenter tells the story of people in the Bible who reacted to Jesus in unusual ways. Big posters are used to emphasize the why of their actions in light of who Jesus is.

6 downloadable PDF pages include: Summary/Scripture and Family Conversation Starter; Presentation Script; Prop Instructions; Small Group Leaders Guide; Small Group Activity Palm Branch Matchup

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