These are huge impact books for kids and ignite spiritual conversation between kids and their parents in the most intimate of family situations. This is the gold of discipleship with kids...real time parent-kid connection talking about what matters most.
— John Ortberg | Author & SENIOR Pastor, Menlo Church (CA)
I’ve just retired from 29 years of teaching elementary school. The Blue Box lesson was well put together, fun, easy to teach, and full of student engagement. Yay! I heard several kids say as their parents arrived, ‘Already?’
— Shelly Haught | First Presbyterian Church, Fresno (CA)
Our whole family loves these books!
— Joe Bridger | Dad & Lead Pastor, First Assembly of God of Greater Lansing (MI)
I can’t express the warmth I feel every time my daughter picks up one of Jane’s books and asks me to read about Jesus, her forever friend.  A Blue Box Book places timeless theological truths on the bottom shelf where kids can access, know but most importantly embrace the love of Christ. 
— Brent James | Dad & Lead Pastor, Peninsula Bible Fellowship (WA)
Engaging, very creative, fun, and thought-provoking — Blue Box books and curriculum help kids to understand complex spiritual truths.
— Steve Mercer | Dad & Children's Pastor, Peninsula Bible Fellowship (WA)
I love the questions at the end of each Blue Box Book and how it connects the message so well to a kids’ brain. And, board books are so great for my 3 year old but my 10 year old gets it and enjoys it on a whole other level. Thanks for inspiring great conversations for families and children who read them.
— Anna Guerrero | Mom & Children’s Ministries Director, Bethany North Community Church (WA)
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WOW! is all I can say. The Jesus Comfort Quilt is an amazing book and I am looking forward to sharing it with the families we serve. It has been difficult to find activities for our families that are filled with the Hope that only our Savior can bring. This book is incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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