Your Share Score

Your Share Score

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When kids have a whole lot of something good and see someone who really needs it, too, most are glad to share. This book invites them to share Jesus with that same enthusiasm. The pictures are fun and full of joy, making kids and adults alike realize they, too, have lots to share about Jesus.

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YOUR SHARE SCORE: THE BACK STORY (by author Jane Van Antwerp)

In the fall of 1994 I did a Blue Box Children’s Sermon for Frank VanderZwan.  Frank is one of the longest serving pastors at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (now Menlo Church) and he’s Dutch too! Frank was preaching on evangelism that weekend. With the Blue Box I wanted to gently (without producing guilt) talk to kids about sharing Jesus.  At the message’s heart was the desire for kids to really see how amazing and extraordinary Jesus is to them and to let love for Him spill over to others. I also wanted to make it both personal and interactive, so we began it as a fun set of questions about whether they would share something. Volunteers distributed to the kids sitting on the sanctuary steps both answer cards and golf pencils. Logistically difficult, but so worth it to have the kids reflect on their yes or no answers. It was a powerful and fun message that stuck and was repeated several times through the years.