Anger Bomb

Anger Bomb


Anger can be like a bomb.

We need God to help us diffuse our anger in the right way, so that it doesn’t blow up, hurting others and ourselves. We discover that anger is usually a secondary emotion caused by hurt, frustration, or fear.

The 14 PDF pages include-

  • Summary  (Scripture and Family Conversation Starter)
  • 2 Presentation Scripts – 2 Person Skit or a Single Presenter Narrative
  • Prop Instructions & Template
  • Small Group Leaders Guide
  • Small Group Activity – “How to Diffuse an Anger Bomb”

Topics:  Anger »Forgiveness of Others » Christ as Transformer

Scripture: Ephesians 4, Proverbs 29, James 1, Psalm 37, Proverbs 15, 

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