U Turn

U Turn


When we sin, we can make a U turn by admitting we did something wrong, working to make it right again and receiving forgiveness from Jesus and the people we hurt.

This sermon tells the story of Miles the car. One day Miles gets in trouble at school and at home and finds that he’s going down the wrong path. Miles learns to make a U Turn and return to the one way path back to God.

The 20 PDF pages include-

·         Summary  (Scripture and Family Conversation Starter)

·         Presentation Script

·         Prop/Illustration Prep

·         Small Group Leaders Guide

·         Small Group U Turn to God Card Game

And 10 full color illustrations for screens or printing

Topics: Repentance, Forgiveness, Confession, Sin, Sorryness, Making Right

Scripture: Luke 22, Acts 2, I John 1

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